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What we do

Network Right Services

“Outsourced” never felt so internal

Managed IT

At Network Right we believe “Managed” in every sense of the word. Alleviating your CTO’s, HR, and office manager of all things IT to focus on what matters most to them.  Leaving the printers, network issues, and so on to our team. All while providing great support, timely deliverables, and initiatives to your team.  See why startups choose Network Right to handle all things IT!


Dedicated technicians & account mangers


Ticket Metrics & Reports


Ticket Metrics & Reports


Helpdesk Implementation

Flexible Pricing

We offer no long term commitement contracts & flexible pricing for companies of all sizes. We scale as you do & are that confident in our service!

Project Planning

Outside of standard helpdesk support we also ensure projects big and small are handled for your team. Be it network upgrades, office moves, we’re here to help!

Scale or Supplement

Whether your team has no IT department at all or an IT manager that needs additional resources we’re here to accomodate. 

A Helpful helpdesk

IT Helpdesk Support

A main component of our service is our helpdesk system. Implementing our seamless ticketing platform. Seriously… one email or emoji in Slack & BOOM ticket made. Eliminating the hoops your employees have to take to submit a request & getting one step closer to moving on with their day.


24-Hour SLA's


Ticket submissions via Slack, Email, or Web Portal

Save Time & Money

Let our team handle all vendor communications, SaaS app-renewals, and so on. Giving more time back to your employees & departments.

Human Focused IT

Our highly trained tech’s emphasize a human first approach. Not just resolving issues but helping inform and educate users along the way. No question is too trivial or small. We’re here to help and you’ll see why many of our clients simply see us as “IT” and not an external provider.


Our philosophy behind documentation is that its simply a future love letter to ones self. Same goes for our IT practices. We ensure we don’t just resolve issues but document the process, findings, and resources for future reference.