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Network Right has been assisting businesses of all sizes in managing their IT infrastructure. Using top tier solutions across all areas of IT to ensure your company & employees have the best support & service no matter the task. Whether we’re helping supplement an existing IT team or coming & setting up your framework from the ground up. Flexible & modern solutions are our focus, doing our best work so that you can do yours.

Below is a look at some of the services we offer our clientele

IT Helpdesk

We offer service desk support for your employees be it on-site or remote assistance. Whether you need a full staffed IT technician, flexible dates, or Ad-hoc we have you covered with our flexible options to get the IT help your company needs. Have our team support your entire company or simply supplement your existing internal team & see why many others out there outsource & hire Network Right for their helpdesk support.


  • Onsite break/fix support

  • Remote support

  • Ad-Hoc Visits

  • Scheduled/Subscription based support

  • Onboarding/Offboarding


AV Setups

Whether its for All-Hands Meetings or individual conference rooms let our team set up your A/V setups with the hardware & software that fits your needs. Ensuring you have all the capabilities to host efficient & effective meetings. We know spaces vary & we work with you to get the best solution for your office space.


  • Google Meet Setups

  • Zoom Room Setups

  • A/V & All-Hands Area Configuration

  • Conference Room Planning

Network Support

Your network is the backbone of your company & what allows your employees to do what they do. Network Right offers full support across your network from setup & design to monitoring & support. Ensuring you have the best equipment & optimization to scale as your company does. So whether you have a new space you need to get internet setup in or slow & choppy wi-fi we can get you sorted.


  • Wi-Fi Setup & Troubleshooting

  • Network Monitoring

  • Cable runs

  • Rack & Stack solution

  • Network Design


Cloud Management

Allow our team to help with management & support of the variety of cloud apps your team uses. Whether its G-Suite, Office 365, OKTA or other SSO-Apps we can help setup & administrate your service accounts to ensure everything is setup efficiently & fits your companies workflow.


  • G-Suite Administration (Adding, removing & managing users)

  • O365 Administration

  • MDM Management

Security Compliance

Your hardware & software is only as good as the security that protects it. Whether its company data, customer information, or physical on-premise security let us put your mind at ease by helping your company become compliant & secure. Setting up & providing standard procedures to help ensure safety on the corporate network & end user devices to security cameras & cybersecurity monitoring & reports. We believe security should be a priority not an afterthought.


  • Security camera system setup

  • Anti-Virus Roll out

  • MDM (Mobile Device Management) Setup

  • Data Encryption








Inventory Management

Keeping track & managing your companies assets is important. Our team at Network Right can assist in ensuring all your hardware & software licenses are tracked so that you know who has what & making it easier for finance to track your assets. We integrate a variety of software to help better track your environment & make it easy for off-boarding/onboarding to manage hardware. Whether its wiping lost or stolen laptop or simply having the ability to see an overview of your company entire inventory we have you covered.


  • Computer asset tracking sheets

  • Software licenses tracking

  • Mobile Device Management Implementation